Heritage Marketing for competitiveness of Europe in the global market

The Project


MARHER’s objective is to identify key competences of a new professional, innovative and creative figure, able to make the most out of values and stories: the Heritage Marketer.

Heritage Marketing can take a fundamental role, connecting our past to the future. Valorizing Corporate Heritage does not mean simply telling stories but “communicating through stories”, that is, creating narrative universes through which a company enters into an emphatic relationship with people, managing to arouse emotions in public. Markets are increasingly becoming narrative arenas where, alongside the intrinsic quality of products, the ability of brands and companies to know how to evoke a universe of stories, traditions and values (cultural and ethical) is fundamental to stand out among the competitors. Therefore, being able to craft stories and portraying company values is becoming a crucial skill to master to exert an attractive value towards increasingly attentive and aware customers.